The accustomed infrastructure zone units facilitate the use of essential resources. The growing data gap is being met by the increasing number of disks, switches, hubs, disk systems, and tape systems. the huge amount of information increases the demand for storage, and the term storage infrastructure is being considered to meet this growing demand for storage. The storage infrastructure provides the following goals:

Flexibility- to facilitate the availability and use of resources.

Stability- for a reliable and secure domain supported by any business.

Figure 1: Storage Racks (Source:

Evolution of Storage Infrastructure

The demands for storage capacity have increased by leaps and bounds in…

Figure 0: The Era of Cloud Computing. (Source:


In an astonishingly short span of many years, cloud computing has become AN integral, maybe even the foremost important, part of a company’s IT strategy.

It’s helped free abundant of IT from the constraints of older code and hardware licensing information center models and has unfolded, revolutionized and to some extent democratized the manner IT provides services and users. access data. Cloud computing and storage solutions give users and businesses varied capabilities to store and method their information in third-party information centers. It depends on sharing resources for consistency and economies of scale, kind of like a utility on…


Figure 1: Cloud Computing

In the start when we have to set up a server, we need to have money to buy a server of your need, electricity to keep the server up all the time, to take manual backup, have our own security, and many other things. So, in this article, we will see what changes we have seen after the technology cloud computing came. Cloud computing in technical words is the on-demand availability of computer resources like storage, server, database, and all. If we break down in simple words doing all your workloads on someone else computer. There are many cloud…

Linux is a multi-user operating system so we can create many users and groups in it. Linux is based on Unix concepts of file ownership and permissions; it provides us security for each and every file. In this case, study let’s have a look at some basics of a user, group, and permissions.

As we have learned that Linux is a multi-user system. The main motive of the users is to share the same computer resource individually. Every person login into the OS will be considered a user, they will get a username and user identification number (UID). Both username and…

Configuration of FTP Server in Windows Server 2012 R2.

  • Hey friends!! This is Prem Kothari, I wanted to share my knowledge regarding the Configuration of the FTP Server in Windows Server 2012 R2
    with you guys….so I guess it's time for some bloggy knowledge, people who wish to generate new ideas for storage technology are most welcome here, as this is going to be a hell of fun for people who love technical stuff!!

    Configuration of FTP Server in Windows Server 2012 R2

    FTP servers are solutions used to facilitate file transfers across the Internet. When you send…

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